“The ‘art of doing art’ is challenging and complex. Over the last few decades, the changing state of my spirit has continued to have a significant impact on my artistic expression. It has led to the creation of distinctively different styles in each of my series. We are human beings, all born equal but fundamentally different. This is the same way I would describe my art over the years: equal but different from series to series. My creativity is ever-evolving, but always with one signature - Enzina Fuschini.”

About Enzina Fuschini

Enzina Fuschini is an acclaimed international, fine artist and designer who has been recognised and awarded across the UK, Europe and the US for her work. She is passionate about living life to the full, and committed to completely expressing herself through art. 


Enzina’s new work marks a fresh beginning for this prolific artist, tapping into a fountain of original and exciting creativity. Enriched by forty years of experience, her new collection moves boldly into the abstract. Her message is vibrant and consistent, full of soulful resolution and faith.

Born in the tiny village of Matierno, Southern Italy, Enzina’s love of art began early. Her mother and grandmother introduced to her a world of creativity and visualisation that has carried her through all life’s ups and downs. She studied at the Art Institute of Salerno, and in her early surrealist style was championed by the master Giorgio De Chirico. By no means the only notable figure in her career Enzina was also supported by Mihail Chemiakin, with whom she shared inspiration and ideas.

 Enzina went on to develop a powerful style all her own, Sincerismo. Sincerismo springs from the desire to live in a way in which each of our truths and realities are open to all, and utmost to ourselves, without deception. It imagines a transparent humanity which embraces compassion, forgiveness and generosity, and expresses the liberation and fulfilment of human beings - should the many masks of fear, shame, control and guilt be peeled away, allowing us to be ourselves completely.

Across her career her work has drawn comparisons from critics to the wit and vitality seen in Picasso, Perahim, Matisse, Klee, Miro and Kandinsky. She has exhibited globally; and her pieces are collected by the most prominent art collectors in the world. Such art collectors include Rüdiger Weng, whose private collection is home to Enzina’s series from the 90’s.